Death Wish Coffee

Caffeine content can vary from bean-to-bean, but if you were to order a 12-ounce cup of coffee from Starbucks, it’s safe to say you’d be getting around 260mg of caffeine. For most people, that’s enough to get their day going and stave off any headaches. There are enough people out there, however, for whom one, two, or even three cups of coffee isn’t enough. For those people, there is Death Wish Coffee.

Containing around 660mg of caffeine in a 12oz cup (that’s 3 times the standard cup), Death Wish isn’t screwing around. The company uses a Robusta varietal bean, which – no surprise – contains much more caffeine than the Arabica varietal that most all coffee shops in the U.S. brew and sell. This stuff isn’t to be taken lightly – if you don’t have a tolerance for highly caffeinated drinks we’d recommend avoiding this one. For the rest of you caffeine fiends, you can pick up a bag for $20. [Purchase]