De Rosa x Pininfarina Metamorphosis Sport Bike

Italy is known to engineer some of the finest sports vehicles in the world – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo. Pininfarina is one such car design firm that, in collaboration with bicycle maker De Rosa, has sought to take its prowess in creating autos and apply it to bicycles. The result is a marvel of modern engineering: the Metamorphosis Sports Utility Bicycle.

The first ever “sports utility bike,” the Metamorphosis is angular and sleek, like a Pininfarina sports car. Also like the fastest cars on the market, the Metamorphosis boasts and feather-light frame, made from monocoque inner mold carbon. The sport utility aspect is tied to the dual set-up options for the De Rosa. A rider can set his or her Metamorphosis up as a strictly urban bike, or for riding in gravel, or even more rugged ground. With easily interchangeable saddle and handlebar, one can adjust his or her bike from Comfort to Sports edition simply. With a Shimano Alfine 8 Speed bicycle drivetrain system and 40mm high profile aluminum wheels, this bicycle is geared up for any terrain.

Purchase: $3,700