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You Can Finally Make Your PS5 All-Black With Dbrand’s Darkplates

If you were lucky enough to have scooped up a Sony PlayStation 5 during one of the brief windows in which they’ve been available, you may have found yourself put off by the controversial bright white color scheme of the console. Well, now custom skins-maker Dbrand has a solution for you in the form of their new Darkplates.

The Dbrand Darkplates is a matte black faceplate that’s engineered to fit on the PS5, turning the white and black gaming device into a sleek, blacked-out machine. The plates are easy to install, and Dbrand clearly had some fun in the design by giving the Darkplates’ interior a pattern they’re referring to as a “familiar-but-legally-distinct apocalyptic spin on the classic PlayStation button shapes.” The brand is also using the idea of these unlicensed plates’ legal ambiguity as a marketing tool, with a “Go ahead, sue us,” invitation to Sony adorning the top of the Darkplates’ product page. However you feel about the strategy, there’s no denying that the all-black Dbrand Darkplates make the Sony PS5 look pretty slick.

Purchase: $61+