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This Ultra-Compact Multi-Tool Has 9+ Useful Functions And Weighs Just 45G

Whether it’s fixing a flat or repairing a chain, roadside repairs are an unfortunate reality of cycling. As such, the tools you carry can mean the difference between getting back on the road and hitchhiking your way home. But in a sport characterized by marginal gains, aero efficiency, and weight-saving measures, a bulky saddlebag is probably the last thing you want to bring. Throw that multitool in your jersey pocket and you have a recipe for rips.

With Daysaver’s latest offering, the cumbersome multitools of today are a thing of the past. In contrast to a traditional minitool which relies on a hinged pocket-knife design, Daysaver’s rig mimics an Allen Key. But beneath its simple exterior, it hides 9 different bits, making this multitool the world’s lightest at just 45 grams. And because of its rubber endcaps and bike mount, it can be stowed in your jersey or on your bike with no fear of damage. But the standout feature has to be the slim form factor. By eschewing the bulky housing required of a standard multitool, Daysaver’s design can get to any screw with ease, saving you stripped heads and scratched frames. You can back today on Kickstarter for $77.

Kickstarter: $77+