Dax Wallet

It’s undeniable that finding the right card you’re looking for while digging through your wallet is a chore. With every company having their own sort of loyalty card, not to mention your debit card, credit cards, and license, sorting through them can be a real bother. The Dax Wallet aims to change all of that.

It’s the world’s first cascading pull tab wallet, which allows all of your cards to cascade out when the tab is pulled, revealing all of your cards at once. Instead of a bulky leather wallet, this wallet is sleek and stylish. It only holds five cards, but it also has a cash pocket. It’s highly durable and uses water repellent (which is a big bonus, especially if you’ve ever dropped your leather wallet onto wet ground). Each wallet is splashed with color, and there are three versions available: midnight blue, amber, and monochrome. It’s available now on Kickstarter for $35. [Purchase]

Dax Wallet 2

Dax Wallet 3

Dax Wallet 4