PistonZero Whips Up a Render of What the New Nissan Z Should Have Looked Like

Photos: PistonZero

In August of last year, Nissan finally pulled the cover off of its highly-anticipated and completely redesigned Z car. And while the new Nissan Z drew heavy inspiration from the original Datsun Fairlady Z, the car’s retro-inspired design failed to resonate with much of the motoring public. Recognizing the new model’s shortcomings, automotive concept artist PistonZero has opted to deliver their own take on a modernized Datsun Z with what the digital designer has dubbed the “420Z.”

Representing the first car that PistonZero has rendered entirely from scratch, the 420Z retains much of the silhouette of the original Datsun model, with a sweeping roofline that feeds into a distinctive rounded nose. Helping to modernize the car is a wider stance, flared fenders, a front splitter, a dual exhaust setup, a rear diffuser, and LED lighting all around, including a contemporary take on the Fairlady Z’s headlights.

Looking markedly sleeker and more aggressive than the new Nissan Z, the 420Z concept manages to capture the soul of the original car while looking thoroughly modern. And, rather than taking on the project as a one-and-done, PistonZero has opted to produce several different renders of the 420Z. This includes a regular road-going version of the car, as well as a slammed, widebody version that gains even bigger fender flares, front carbon fiber canards, an internal roll-cage, and a markedly more pronounced aero kit. The render’s front splitter and rear diffuser have also been exaggerated, and its taillight assembly has been set in a carbon fiber housing.

While PistonZero’s 420Z concept merely exists as a digital render, the design speaks to just how well the original Fairlady design lends itself to modernization — not to mention the automotive concept artist’s ample skill and clear eye for design.

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Photo: PistonZero
Photo: PistonZero
Photo: PistonZero