Das Can-in-Stein

If the answer is “Oktoberfest,” the question is then clearly “What comes before Halloween but is equally as awesome?” But perhaps your bank account isn’t ready for a trip to Germany this year, or even a stop at your local German pub/restaurant. That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate, though, thanks to the Das Can-in-Stein.

Whether you’re drinking a Hefeweizen or a PBR, you’re instantly whisked away to the German Alps when you drop any 12 oz. can into this drink holder. It’s the next best thing to an authentic pewter tankard. Made from pewter-look resin, Das Can-in-Stein features a hinged-lid with a thumb-lever, so it’s easy to operate with a single hand. That frees up your other hand for a juicy brat, or a juicy lass, or even better, both. [Purchase]

Das Can-in-Stein 2

Das Can-in-Stein 3