Darth Vader Homecam Concept

One of the things that made Star Wars such a massive cultural success is its iconography. The characters, ships, weapons, and armor are all incredibly recognizable. And, frankly, they’re all quite good looking. Which is probably why their forms keep worming their way into the designs of seemingly unrelated real-world objects, like multitools and bike helmets. Or this Darth Vader Homecam by South Korean designer Kim Hyeonseok.

Modeled after the Dark Lord of the Sith, this ‘homecam’ – as Hyeonseok calls it – would offer up a not-so-subtle way of incorporating everyone’s favorite space opera into their home security system. But it isn’t just a clever design, as some real thought has been put into its execution. For example, the camera features a removable lid for easy cleaning and access during maintenance. And the back features ports for a LAN input (for live monitoring from remote locations), auxiliary-in and microphone ports, and an SD slot for memory expansion. While there are not any current plans to put this menacing camera into production, we do hope that someone picks it up sooner than later.

Darth Vader Homecam 1

Darth Vader Homecam 2

Darth Vader Homecam 3