You Could Own Darth Vader’s ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Helmet

Darth Vader is, undeniably, one of the most sinister and iconic movie villains of all time. And his blacked-out visage played a huge part in making it so. Now, one of his helmets from arguably the best of the original Star Wars movies is headed to auction.

Yes, this is an actual movie-worn piece of memorabilia that covered titanic actor David Prowse’s cranium in The Empire Strikes Back. Constructed almost entirely from fiberglass, the helmet is a bit worse for wear — dinged up from having been worn during shooting — but that adds a bit of character to this legendary costume piece. And with a legendary pedigree comes a high price, as the starting bid for this iconic prop is $250,000. And it’s very likely to fetch even more than that.

Purchase: $250,000+