DARPA Stealth Bikes

LSA Autonomy's NightMare

If those eerie videos of the Boston Dynamics dogs indicate anything, American soldiers will have more high tech at their disposal in the near future. Whether getting intel on an enemy, or applying deadly force with surgical precision, our military members will be using specialized and advanced equipment. If either LSA Autonomy or Logos have their way, they’ll be a part of that future with their Stealth Motorcycles.

Initially built to take on a challenge set out by the military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to equip soldiers with silent and extremely capable motorcycles for traveling over harsh terrain, these bikes have just recently made their first appearance at a conference in Tampa, Florida. While they may look like your ordinary dirt bike, they are in fact much more capable. While we don’t know the exact specs on the bikes (and likely won’t for a long time), we do know that they’re apparently capable of running on everything from jet fuel to electric motors so soldiers can use whatever they have on them. Now in DARPA’s second phase of funding, both of these bikes could very well be capable of making their way to the battlefields of tomorrow – and may even have self driving functions. [Via: Defense One]