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The Darc Mono Combines Go-Anywhere Utility With A Luxe Living Space

When searching for a large recreational vehicle, usually a tradeoff has to be made between the go-anywhere capabilities of an expedition vehicle and the luxurious living spaces of an RV. But the new Darc Mono is offering the best of both worlds in what it’s billing as the Ultimate Expedition Vehicle.

Built on an Iveco Daily 4×4 base, the Darc Mono makes a number of improvements and modifications to live up to its lofty moniker. The vehicle has gas, water, and energy capacities to last over two weeks of off-grid living, along with a design-forward interior that includes panoramic windows, a lowerable queen bed, and a bespoke audio system. The Darc Mono’s carbon fiber monocoque adds strength, reduces weight, and can handle large payloads, while also providing superior temperature and noise insolation. The custom chassis setup has been engineered to offer comfort on-road and serious capability off-road thanks to 36” all-terrain tires, permanent all-wheel drive, and a fully-adaptive suspension system. No price has been announced for the Darc Mono yet, but you can inquire about purchasing on the company’s website.

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