Danner Updates The Classic ‘Postman Shoe’ With Modern Aesthetics

When a prolific military and outdoor footwear company teams up with one of Japan’s leading clothing designers, we tend to take note. As one of North America’s leading heritage boot proprietors, Danner has released a handful of iconic silhouettes that continue to stand the test of time — and now, they’ve partnered with Tokyo’s legendary N.Hoolywood for an exercise in refined craftsmanship.

The collaborative effort between the two brands has resulted in a modern recreation of the timeless “Postman Shoe,” without all of the additional distractions. This minimalist slip-on sports a one-piece premium cow leather upper and a durable Vibram outsole to make traversal a breeze, while a clean, laceless style exudes tasteful elegance. From start to finish, the shoes are sourced, crafted, and released in Japan, giving them an authentic presence that pays homage to the country’s eclectic styles. That doesn’t mean you can’t acquire them in the U.S., however — for around $500 (plus $36 for shipping) you’ll be able to pick up a pair for yourself via Coverchord’s online marketplace.

Purchase: $500