Danner Mountain 600 Carbon Black Boot

We keep on expecting to be bored by re-releases of products in all black, and it just still isn’t happening. Take Danner Boots’ new Mountain 600 Carbon Black release, for example. How can you look at that and not honestly say that you want to get a pair for yourself?

The silhouette itself is tried and true. With an upper made from waterproof full grain leather treated with Danner’s Dry Waterproof Protection, this boot is game for trudging through any weather no matter how wet or cold. What makes it that much cooler, however, is that the upper, along with the Vibram SPE mid and Fuga outsole boast a deep, carbon black that gives the entire boot a menacing look to it that feels fitting considering how capable it is. The outsole is built for a strong grip on wet surfaces like the seemingly constantly drizzling Pacific Northwest where Danner is based, but it also manages to keep the wearer comfortable through miles and miles of hiking. Whether you’re looking for a badass blacked-out boot, or just something you can rely on for heading to work in or for striking out on the trail – this boot surely won’t disappoint. Prices set at $200. [Purchase]

Danner Mountain 600 Carbon Black 1

Danner Mountain 600 Carbon Black 4

Danner Mountain 600 Carbon Black 3