Danish Fuel Repurposed Jerry Cans

Repurposed Jerry Cans 2
For the World War II buffs out there whose significant other refuses to let them house a M3 Gun Motor Carriage tank destroyer in the garage, how about this instead: a Repurposed Jerry Can from Danish Fuel that acts as a rugged, military-inspired bar cabinet.

Jerry Cans were designed by the Germans — whom the English called “Jerries” — in the 1930s to help them transport more than 5 gallons of fuel or other vital fluids without the need for a funnel.  Back then, the colors would correspond to what was in the can; if it was red, it had gasoline in it; yellow for diesel; blue for petrol; light blue for water; and teal for delicious Glacier Freeze Gatorade. While the bad guys had ’em in the “big one,” you can have one now and have the last laugh—as well as an ice cold German import. True payback. [Purchase]

Repurposed Jerry Cans 3

Repurposed Jerry Cans 4

Repurposed Jerry Cans 5