Daniel Arsham’s Unpublished Work Comes to Light in ‘SKETCHBOOK’

From Porsche to Pokémon and Dior to Suicoke, there is virtually no one Daniel Arsham hasn’t come together with in the past few years. Based in New York, the artist has a sprawling portfolio that is very worthy of discussing within the world of contemporary art, and fans are now granted the chance to cherish his work even more. With the release of his aptly named SKETCHBOOK, the artist’s eclectic array of influences takes center stage.

The 350-page book features a plethora of drawings, many of which will look familiar to fans of the artist himself. While many of these sketches are never-before-seen, a pair of notable projects that appear here are Arsham’s eroded Porsche 911 and cassette tape, both of which appear on the cover.

Having said that, it’s safe to assume that a lot of the work in this book served as a blueprint for the artist’s physical work, and its pages give fans an inside look at Arsham’s unique creative process. Other notable entries throughout this unique array of art include Arsham’s eroded Rimowa suitcase, miscellaneous sketches stemming from his work with Dior, as well as his takes on Nintendo stalwarts Mario and Luigi — both of whom are drawn in the artist’s signature, deteriorated fashion.

This new release is one of many art books that come courtesy of artist-empowering platform No More Rulers, and it looks to seamlessly fall in line with the remainder of the collective’s catalog of household names. SKETCHBOOK by Daniel Arsham is available to purchase now through NMR’s website for $35.

Purchase: $35