Dango’s Versatile New Side Tray Is For More Than Just Pocket Dumps

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We all know how much good maintaining a clean and organized living space can do for us, but taking the time and effort to manage our clutter often takes a backseat to whatever else is going on in our lives. Thankfully, Dango is here to make this task a whole lot easier with their new Side Tray, a stylish American-made piece of kit that makes organizing a breeze.

The Dango Side Tray is CNC machined out of 6061 aerospace aluminum, making it extremely durable. Lining the tray’s two large cavities are removable DTEX pads to gently cradle your gear, while rubber footings on the underside of the tray prevent slippage while protecting surfaces. The hefty two-pound tray is versatile enough to work in a number of situations, from pocket dumps to tool storage to cleaning up your bathroom sink, and there’s enough room for all your EDC gear. The Side Tray is part of Dango’s new Tray Collection, along with the larger EDC Tray. And, since both trays are the same height, they can seamlessly be used in conjunction with one another — creating a modular storage solution for all your pocketable gear. The Side Tray is priced at $99 with the DTEX pads and can be purchased from Dango’s website.

Purchase: $99