Dango Brings A Utilitarian Aesthetic To The M2 Maverick Wallet

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Dango is certainly among the industry’s top EDC manufacturers — boasting an impressive catalog of ultra-tough wallets, watches, belts, and accessories crafted for utilitarian use. The Santa Clara-based outfit began their EDC voyage with the M1 Maverick — a durable bifold wallet that successfully married capable construction, distinct design, and tactful tech into one attractive package — and now, they’ve decided to elaborate on the success of the original with the aptly named M2 Maverick.

To create a wallet for the sophisticated individual (while still retaining the utilitarian “edge” for which Dango has become known), the company has outfitted the M2 Maverick with clean, defined linework, modern tech, and top-of-the-line materials. A durable, hand-polished chassis made from 6061 aerospace grade CNC’d aluminum blends seamlessly with the wallet’s nickel-plated exterior, creating a high-hardness coating that outperforms a wide range of its competitors. Mil-spec bolts, genuine top grain leather, and a light, 2.5-ounce footprint ensure that the 10-card capacity of the RFID-blocking M2 will never look over-encumbered. Better yet, the second iteration of the Maverick meets (and exceeds) the TSA standard for EDC items — meaning you’ll be able to take this piece of handcrafted, USA-made hardware wherever you go. And, it’s compatible with the brand’s modular MT04 multi-tool.

Purchase: $160