Dango Loop Hook

Common problems often require nothing more than simple solutions, but unfortunately too many manufacturers conflate ‘simple’ with ‘cheap’. That is how you get bent hangers and broken tools. The Dango Loop Hook is far from complicated – but at its core it is a well built and smartly designed solution for all of your hanging needs.

Whether it’s a bag in the summer, a coat in the winter, or just a beer that needs to be opened, the Dango Loop Hook has got it covered. Made with 6061 aluminum, this multi-purpose tool can hold up to 100 pounds – so you won’t have to worry about your book bag or briefcase bending this thing beyond recognition. With all this functionality coming in nine different colors, it’s hard not to feel like you are getting away with something. Prices start at $25. [Purchase]

Dango Loop Hook 1

Dango Loop Hook 2