Dango Tactical Wallet

You need to have some real chutzpa to try and break into the wallet market in 2016. It is saturated like few others in the menswear space are today, with some reiteration of an old idea coming out seemingly everyday. Dango Products, on the other hand, have managed to carve out an area in the space all for themselves with their unique Dapper D01 Wallet and Tactical T01 Wallet.

The wallets are a balance of rugged and refined. Both feature a 6061 aerospace grade aluminum chassis and are topped with a full grain leather exterior that comes in either whiskey brown or jet black leather for the ‘Dapper’, or your choice of either raw leather and black for the Tactical wallet. For those who love having multi-tools on them, the clear choice out of the two is the Tactical model. The wallet’s aluminum frame doubles as a multi-tool with ten functions ranging from Saw edge to hex wrench and phone stand so you can be prepared for whatever life throws you. Designed and built in San Francisco, these 100% American made wallets will be retailing between $70 and $90.

Purchase: $70+

Dapper And Tactical Wallets 1

Dapper And Tactical Wallets 2

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