Dango’s Handsome D007 Goldfinger Pen Wallet Is Fit For Any Man Of Mystery

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James Bond is the undeniable antithesis of unpreparedness. No matter the locale, our favorite international super-spy is always outfitted with the finest gear, fashion, and bravado to woo the ladies and incapacitate his foes. To pay homage to the proverbially-ultra-prepared espionage icon, Dango has released the aptly-named D007 Goldfinger Pen Wallet — a sleek piece of EDC gear that isn’t far removed from what you might see in Bond’s utilitarian arsenal.

The Dango D007 Goldfinger Pen Wallet places an emphasis on stylish function and pulls its inspiration from the brand’s D01 Dapper variant — which is lauded as one of its most elegant industrial endeavors. To keep the wallet as slim as possible, Dango has built its minimalistic chassis from a dependable and lightweight 6061 aerospace-grade CNC-machined aluminum, mil-spec bolts, and genuine Jet Black top-grain leather for a tasteful finish. But that’s not all; this limited edition also boasts a high-capacity, four-pocket bifold and an exclusive polished gold pen — allowing you to hold up to 16 cards and jot down any important information in the process. Each of these USA-made wallets was created to appease Bond’s diehard fans. And, for $147, becoming a bit more stylishly-mysterious has never been easier.

Purchase: $147