Laramie Abalone Gentleman’s Knife

Every once in a while, life can just stop you in your tracks. Sometimes it will be something like a sudden overlook out into a foggy valley or the way the sky looks when the sun is setting, and then other times it can be as plain as a simple thing made beautifully – like this Abalone and Camel Bone Gentleman’s Knife.

Crafted by Steve Torok of Laramie Knifeworks right here in the U.S., this piece combines three totally distinct and striking materials to make one unique pocket knife. Steve sourced his abalone from a South Korean farm where it was commercially processed to provide a flat, layered sheet. Along with being eye-catching, the shell is made up of calcium carbonate which makes it surprisingly strong and durable. Contrasting with the multi-colored handle is the leg-bone of a camel which has been polished for a nice clean finish. Oh, and did we mention this comes with a 3 5/16 inch fold out damascus steel blade? Only one has been made available – you can pick it up for $345. [Purchase]

Damascus Steel Blade With Abalone Handle 1

Damascus Steel Blade With Abalone Handle 3

Damascus Steel Blade With Abalone Handle 2