Dakboard Smart Wall Display V2 Plus

Life can get messy and your executive function skills aren’t always sharp, especially in the middle of a busy week, so any tool to help you stay organized can be a huge assist. Dakboard has given the traditional whiteboard a digital upgrade with their Wall Display V2 Plus, helping you stay on point so you can knock out your work.

With a huge 24-inch HD screen, you’ll be able to see all the information you need to get through your daily grind, including the weather for the week and your work calendar. Utilizing IPS technology, you’ll get bright, crisp images from every angle and you can always stay up-to-date since it can sync with Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar and Facebook. Further organize your life with this device’s customizable agenda view, full monthly view and color-coordination preferences.
You can even display RSS news feeds or switch to an immaculate digital display of an art piece that helps you stay focused. Grab one now and get on the right track.

Purchase: $350