DAB Is Building 29 Road Legal Versions Of Their Futuristic CONCEPT-E Moto EV

Just a few weeks ago, France-based DAB Motors shocked the world with a futuristic electric motorcycle called the ‘CONCEPT-E.’ Despite being the brand’s first-ever battery-powered bike, it proved remarkably well-executed in design. Between the clean styling and the high-end componentry, the CONCEPT-E offered an exciting glimpse at what the future of moto could be.

And now they’re making it a reality. After receiving plenty of positive feedback concerning that first prototype, DAB has decided to bring it to life with the Concept-E RS. Like its predecessor, the RS is strikingly minimalist in appearance, built with a sleek tubular steel frame and shod in some handmade fiberglass bodywork. The cockpit and lighting are familiar, too, as the digital dashboard, LED-integrated front flyscreen, and protruding taillight have all made it onto the production model. In fact, with the same Öhlins suspension and Gates belt drive, the bikes would be practically identical were it not for some changes to the drivetrain. Powered by a 9kW motor connected to a 51.8V lithium-ion battery, the Concept-E RS will do 68 miles on a full charge and reach a top speed of 65mph. Of course, being a street-legal model, it now wears the usual mix of turn signals, license plate holders, mirrors, and reflectors. Otherwise, however, it’s astounding just how much the bike resembles its conceptual counterpart.

At the moment, DAB only plans on building some 29 of these beauties. Expectedly, then, they carry quite the premium price tag, with each one starting at $33,400.

Purchase: $33,400+

Photo: DAB Motors