D3O Unveils Game-Changing Ultra-Thin ‘Ghost’ Motorcycle Armor

Safety has always been a formative aspect of action sports. Whether it’s the implementation of something as simple as a half-helmet, knee, or elbow guards, taking precautions to keep yourself both healthy and protected can seem rudimentary; but thanks to the intrusive nature of these peripherals, many choose to forgo them. To remedy this, D3O has released a proprietary padding system that’s flexible, form-fitting, and seemingly nonexistent when worn under traditional clothing.

The company’s newly-released “Ghost Armor” is an attractive proposition for motorcyclists, action sports athletes, and others who look to garner the utmost protection, while still being able to function in a normal, unobstructed way. As the thinnest and most flexible protection system in D3O’s lineup, the breathable design has been conceptualized to allow for a free range of movement, while maximizing airflow and comfortability. But that doesn’t mean that the Ghost Armor is any less protective. It meets and exceeds CE Level 1 certification standards, giving it enough gumption to keep you safe in the world’s most inclement conditions. A simplified hook and loop system allows the protective armor to be secured to clothing from the inside, gifting users a versatile padding system that’s been made to perform alongside all of today’s most conventional garments. Head to the company’s website for more information.

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