D-Mask Smart Diving Mask

Long gone are the days when scuba diving setups required bulky, ill-fitting headgear. Now, things are much sleeker, lighter, offer better visibility. But current technology still pales in comparison to what could be the future of diving gear: ZJ-DDG’s D-Mask smart diving mask concept.

Still in the conceptual stages, this scuba gear could change the face of underwater adventure. Not only does it allow for whopping 180-degree visibility thanks to its full-face design, but it’s also loaded with killer smart features. For instance, it has a digital HUD that shows information like oxygen levels, time elapsed, surface weather conditions, and more – but it also has smartphone integration and bone conducting headphones, so you could pipe in some tunes. It’s also mounted with LED headlamps for visibility even in murky water, is compatible with both snorkeling and scuba equipment, and even comes with an onboard camera so you can document your adventures. Here’s to hoping this concept turns into something real.

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