Cylo: The Ultimate Urban Bicycle

Riding a bicycle in a city brings with it some unique challenges, with challenge #1 being not getting flattened by a double decker sightseeing bus. Nike design director Eric Duvauchelle is aiming to create the ultimate urban bicycle with CYLO, a city-centric ride that focuses on safety and style.

The safety features start with dynamo-powered lights and a brake light, so when you’re slowing down or stopping, those behind you will get that vital information from more than just their gut instincts. The lightweight frame is built for speed and for keeping you comfy over the typical bumps and cracks associated with urban terrain. The carbon belt drive will help keep your pants clean, and the minimalist styling will turn heads in Poppy Red, as well as classic high gloss white and black. The first batch of 50 Cylos are being made now, and they’re expected to go for $2,199 each. [Purchase]

Cylo Urban Bicycle 2

Cylo Urban Bicycle 3

Cylo Urban Bicycle 4

Cylo Urban Bicycle 5

Cylo Urban Bicycle 6

Cylo Urban Bicycle 7

Cylo Urban Bicycle 8