The Tesla-Inspired CYBUNKER Is An Armored, High-Tech, Self-Sustaining HQ

The angular nature of Tesla’s recently-proposed Cybertruck has spurned a number of outlandish design projects over the past couple weeks, and while many of the industry’s talented artists have tapped into an entirely new genre of futuristic products, dwellings, and automobiles, Lars Buro’s utilitarian “CYBUNKER” has certainly caught our interest.

The 600 square-foot depot’s design draws heavily from the Tesla pickup, adopting a rigid steel monocoque structure and a state-of-the-art circular infrastructure that’s been conceptualized to take on the world’s most isolated locations. A pair of large folding gates allow denizens to access the dwelling — a versatile on- or off-grid auxiliary structure that’s been envisioned as a location to securely house equipment and vehicles within a variety of hostile environments. After accessing the living quarters through an airlock system, inhabitants are met with a 1,800 square-foot interior layout that’s been outfitted for shelter, storage, or commercial purposes, depending on the client’s expectations. A suite of armored glass provides panoramic views of the surrounding area, while the unit’s self-sustainable utilities, computers, cisterns, pumps, and battery banks are housed in its foundation.

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