This Solar-Powered Camper Collapses Fully Into The Bed Of Your Cybertruck

When Elon Musk originally unveiled the Tesla Cybertruck back in 2019, he teased a photo of the polygonal pickup with a small pop-top camper mounted in the bed. Turns out, such a concept would be just what the truck needed, for, despite its incredibly divisive looks, the idea of taking one’s Tesla camping continues to captivate auto enthusiasts to this day.

With the launch of the CyberLandr, you’ll soon be able to outfit your Cybertruck with an overlanding setup of your own. Engineered to fit entirely within the truck’s bed and underneath its retracting tonneau cover, it features a telescopic design that can go from flat-packed to a fully-expanded camper at the push of a button. Once deployed, you’ll find that it comes with everything you need to go off-grid, including a fully-furnished kitchen, a queen-size bed, as well as a luxurious bathroom complete with floor heating, a dry-flush toilet, and a recirculating shower. And that’s not all — the Cyberlandr will also include 360-degree security video monitoring, a 32-inch 4K smart TV, surround sound audio, and even a Starlink satellite dish. Plus, thanks to its 500W solar panel array, you’ll be able to recharge wherever you are. You can pre-order it for $39,995 and up.

Purchase: $39,995+