This ‘100% Bulletproof’ Supra Was Inspired By The Karlmann King 4×4

Taking its name from the term used by WWII pilots to describe unauthorized low altitude flying techniques, FLAT HAT 3D Studio is a SEMA award-winning automotive conceptual and 3D design firm founded in 2018 and headed up by Ted Li. FLAT HAT undeniably possesses a proclivity for Japanese tuner cars, with a portfolio that includes digitized versions of various contemporary sports cars, though the studio’s latest work takes things in a novel direction — bestowing the Toyota Supra with a Karlmann King-inspired makeover.

Christened the “Cyber Supra,” the late model GR has been gifted a lift kit supplemented via flared wheel arches and off-road wheels and tires. Comprised of 100% bulletproof body panels, the silhouette of the rendered car combines the angular nature of Karlmann’s so-called “ground stealth fighter” with the Supra’s recognizable profile. By leaving the donor car’s stock headlight and taillight setup, the heavily transformed vehicle is still readily identifiable as being based on the Supra. As the name suggests, the design also borrows elements from Tesla’s Cybertruck. To see more of the Cyber Supra or to check out other work from FLAT HAT 3D Studio, you can check out the firm’s website linked below.

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