Fully Commit To The Tesla Lifestyle With A Cybertruck-Inspired Cyberhouse

In addition to making waves upon its release in November, Tesla’s Cybertruck has gone on to inspire a myriad of artists and designers to dream up their own neo-cyber-flavored projects based on the geometric-bodied pickup. And the latest outfit to draw inspiration from the all-electric car maker’s Cybertruck is Russian Architecture And Design Workshop, Modern House, with their appropriately-named “Cyberhouse.”

The project is a result of the Russian outfit asking the question: “In what scenario would the weirdness of Cybertruck’s engineering and design make sense?”. The Eastern European firm found their answer with a post-apocalyptic world overrun by flesh-eating zombies, and as a result, set out to pen a Cybertruck-inspired desert compound designed to allow six-to-seven full-time residents to wait out the end of the world in comfort and style. The Cyberhouse consists of a ground level, upstairs floor, and subterranean level with an elevator that raises and lowers Tesla’s zombie apocalypse-ready vehicle. The influence of the aggressive and angular pickup is on full display in the house’s design, with the main structure boasting a profile that mimics the lines and silhouette of the Cybertruck. And, while the project began as a mere design exercise, the interest the Cyberhouse has garnered has prompted Modern House to give the “vapor-warehouse” a price of $865,000.

Purchase: $865,000