This Minimalist Titanium EDC Pen Is As Slim As A Bookmark

The first ballpoint pen was invented way back in 1888. Shockingly, many writing instruments of today aren’t that different from the original. Sure, the materials have improved and the appearance has changed, but real innovation has been fairly scarce. That’s why, when we come across something potentially game-changing, we tend to take note — which is the case with CW&T’s Pen Type-C.

The Type-C isn’t a reimagining of the pen, per se. Rather, it takes the everyday carry staple and improves upon everything already great about it. For starters, it’s been precision-machined out of solid titanium — so it’s super durable and also extremely lightweight. It also might just be the slimmest fully-featured pen we’ve ever seen. That’s because it was designed around the super-tiny version of Pilot’s Hi-Tec-C ink cartridge. The result is an ergonomic and easy-to-use tool that measures up at just 3.5mm (the same depth as three credit cards). That ink cartridge also means the pen won’t bleed in your pocket — aided by a spring-loaded swing-arm that functions similarly to a cap — nor will it dry out. Live on Kickstarter now, this slim-as-a-bookmark EDC writing utensil starts at $50.

Kickstarter: $50+