A Famous Graffiti Artist Designed These Ultra-Limited Chef Knives

For anyone who takes their cooking even remotely serious, a solid chef knife (or knife set) is of the utmost importance. But they can also be an expression of your personal style and tastes — and some of the best knives out there balance both marvelously. That’s exactly the case with this trio of cutting tools made by Australia’s Cut Throat Knives in partnership with world-famous graffiti artist INSA.

In celebration of 15 years of INSA’s iconic “Heel” pattern — imagery that, over the years, has appeared on walls, watches, clothing, furniture, and more — the design now makes its way to these top-tier culinary tools. Done up in three exclusive colorways, one for each knife, the set includes a 6″ Bunka knife (perfect for veggies, fish, and more), a 10″ K-Tip Küchenmesser (a versatile all-around chef knife), and — most uniquely — an oyster knife. Along with their stylish resin handles, each knife is also equipped with a high-end Nitro V stainless steel blade for years and years of durability and cutting power. Available on December 6th, these knives range from $450 to $980 — although it does look like, for legal reasons, Cut Throat will be updating the design of the oyster knife in the near future.

Purchase: $450+