Cut Throat Knives X Starward Bunka Chef Knife

Starward is an Australian whisky brand that, earlier this year, won Best Craft Distiller in the San Fransisco Global Spirits Competition. And that is reason enough to celebrate. But they’ve taken it a step further in a collaboration with another Aussie company, Cut Throat Knives, to create a commemorative item that is simultaneously unique, useful, and gorgeous. We are talking, of course, about their Bunka style Chef Knife.

Made from actual whisky barrel staves used by the distillery in the creation of their award-winning alcohol, the wood handles have been lightly charred and still retain the smell of the Australian single malt. The wooden handle encompasses a unique copper blade tang, which matches the copper bolster. The 8″ blade is made from variably heat treated 1095 High Carbon Steel, resulting in a hamon line down the spine of the blade (like might be seen on an old Japanese sword). These knives were designed to age and acquire a unique patina over the course of their existence and promise to be an unmatched addition to any kitchen. But only 5 of these $730 knives will ever be made, so you’d better act quickly. [Purchase]

Cut Throat Knives x Starward Bunka Chef Knife 01

Cut Throat Knives x Starward Bunka Chef Knife 02