Cut Throat PANTONE Living Coral Chef Knife

The superb Australian knife-making outfit, Cut Throat Knives, is celebrating their 4th anniversary this year. In spectacular fashion, that milestone comes along with a new, visionary release inspired by PANTONE’s Color of the Year. Allow us to introduce you to the Living Coral Chef Knife.

Designed to embrace the color’s vibrancy and natural warmth, this kitchen cutting tool boasts a handle crafted from resin cast coral — meaning they took a mold of living coral and recreated it without harming the ocean lifeform — that’s as stunningly beautiful as it is sturdy and durable. And that handle is mated to an 8″ K-Tip blade, with a traditional Japanese hamon pattern, that makes it ideal for both detail work and larger-scale workhorse cutting tasks. Unfortunately, this singular blade is also ultra-limited — with only five ever being made. Each with their own oak display box, this limited-edition chef knife will sell for $1,100 a piece.

Purchase: $1,100