Custom Range Rover Classic By ECD

East Coast Defender builds some of the absolute best custom Land Rovers we’ve ever seen. In fact, they’ve won awards (yes, plural) for them. Their vehicles, however, do tend to be on the beastly side of the spectrum – leaving out folks that appreciate their handiwork, but aren’t ready to drive around a monster on wheels. That is, until now, because EDC has announced that they’ll be adding Range Rovers to their repertoire.

Though they will certainly be toned down in regards to aggressiveness, each of the Range Rover Classics that ECD gets their hands on will undoubtedly still boast the same slick looks and attention to detail as all of their previous offerings. And just like their Defenders, each RRC will be customized from the ground up with input from the customer, making each one a complete one-of-a-kind bespoke SUV – including a choice of body style, wheels, tires, accessories, colors, and more. You can even choose between 430 horsepower LS3 V8 or 330 horsepower LC9 engines and a manual or automatic transmission. You will, however, need to get in touch with EDC for pricing and availability.

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