Custom LEGO Minifigs

For a toy company that hinges partially on the endless possible configurations of their products, Lego has a surprisingly limited number of Minifig options – a fact that gave us grief as children when we realized the difficulty in trying to build tiny brick versions of ourselves. No matter how many buckets of Lego we spread out on the living room carpet, we could never quite nail down loyal representations of whomever we were trying to build. That plight, however, is now over thanks to

This service allows you to create custom minis in one of two ways: either you can choose from their vast inventory of parts to put them together yourself or you can send the company pictures of whomever you want recreated in brick and they’ll build for you a photo-accurate minifig. You can also choose from their list of previously created pop-culture customs and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor, rather than trudging through the customization process. And, while the prices vary, the pre-created custom Lego figures start at around $15 – though you can expect a higher bill for anything truly bespoke. [Purchase]