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Fred Krugger’s Handmade Custom FD Is Powered By A 750HP Bentley V12

The relationship between two-wheeled platforms and their doubly-endowed brethren is undeniable, and while the connection between the two might not arrive as a clear-cut parallel, a number of fascinating elements demarcate their kinship. Fred Krugger, the man behind iconic modern motorcycle builds like the “Thiverval” and “SR400,” understands the transcendent relation better than most, taking his expertise in an entirely new direction with the Bentley FD — a recent passion project.

Now, don’t take the vehicle’s name as gospel; it’s a Bentley only by trait. Below its retrofuturistic body lines, art deco attributions, and geometric shapes, the Golden Era-inspired FD adopts the manufacturer’s powerful Continental GT engine — a 12-cylinder, 750-horsepower monstrosity that serves in stark contrast to the project’s refined nature. But, we’d be lying if we said that was the car’s primary highlight. Instead, our eyes have averted to the FD’s painstakingly-built structure, which boasts a single wood-clad seat, cockpit, 20th Century windscreen, and artistic Royal Blue body, drawing inspiration from racing platforms of old. Overall, the contoured creation took over three years to build, with Krugger avowing that the vast majority of the project was completed using only his hands. In October 2019, the FD made its first public debut at the Zoute Concours d’Elegance and will make its way to the showroom floor at Brussels Motor Show in January of this year.

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