This Alta Redshift Is Walt Siegl’s First-Ever Custom Electric Motorcycle

The promise of clean energy as an alternative to the internal combustion engine has sparked plenty of debate over the future of automotive platforms. But the two-wheeled medium has accepted the transition with open arms, incorporating electric powertrains into modified subframes with ease. Walt Siegl, a builder famous for his retrospective vision, is the latest to adopt an electrified mindset — and if his customized Alta Redshift is anything to go by, we’re sure that he’ll bless us with more innovative platforms in the future.

However, Siegl can’t take all of the credit for the beautiful machine. Several years ago, he was approached by Mike Mayberry, the founder of Ronin Motorcycles, with an interesting proposition. Mayberry was interested in acquiring one of Walt’s most recent projects, the Bol d’Or, and after a handful of phone calls, the two realized that they had a similar vision when it came to motorcycle design and implementation. The pair also nurtured a common interest in the electrified frontier, resulting in a proposed collaboration. Fast forward to the present day, and the duo’s first project, “Mike’s Pact,” has finally been revealed. It calls upon Alta’s sophisticated software and battery pack to power its sleek silhouette, while a bespoke carbon fiber subframe/bodywork and a newly-designed triple tree, taillight, and swingarm bring the ambitious bike to life. Only six models will ever be made, so act fast if you’d like a chance to procure one of your own.

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