Curtiss Zeus Electric Motorcycle

With a large number of motorcycle manufacturers looking toward the future of the two-wheeled medium, electric platforms have increasingly found a home within the lineups of several prominent companies. Now, Curtiss — formerly known as Confederate — Motorcycles has officially revealed their first production model of the new EV platform, the Zeus, which was teased last year as a promising e-twin concept.

The Curtiss brand pays homage to the “fastest man in the world,” Glen Curtiss — an innovative motorcycle builder and aviator who held the motorcycle land speed record until 1930. Staying true to Curtiss’ legacy, the newly introduced Zeus electric motorcycle promises to be one of the world’s fastest EV platforms, sporting a machined modular 6061-T6 aluminum monocoque, a fully adjustable, girder-type suspension system, and a monstrous engine displacement that comes courtesy of a bespoke lithium-ion battery pack and brushless electric motor — producing over 190 bhp and 145 ft-lbs of torque on an off day. At 475 pounds overall, it’s safe to say that the Zeus will be as fast as a lightning bolt, so to keep everything in check, a 230mm Beringer 4D floating disc brake and cross-drilled stainless steel rear disc will be implemented from the get-go. The Zeus is currently available for preorder now via Curtiss’ website for $60,000.

Purchase: $60,000