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Curtiss Celebrates 115 Years Since Its First New Motorcycle With ‘The One’

After Confederate Motorcycles rebranded itself as a revived Curtiss Motors back in 2018, it’s been fully committed to the development of eye-catching electric bikes. Be it the sinister-styled ‘Zeus,’ the firearm-inspired ‘Hades,’ or the ultralight ‘Psyche,’ the Alabama-based brand has brought its A-game in each and every one of its ultra-bespoke beauties.

With the announcement of its latest project — dubbed ‘the One’ — Curtiss is commemorating 115 years since it first made a motorcycle. Available as the up-and-coming One production model as well as the 15-bike Founder’s Edition, it features a unique aircraft-inspired TLP monocoque chassis made from machined billet aluminum. In practice, this allows it to be slimmer than almost any other motorcycle on the market with an incredibly low 425lb curb weight. And when you consider that it puts down 87hp and 120lb-ft of torque (up to 217hp and 272lb-ft available via cloud-based updates), this bike isn’t just a looker — it also goes like a bat out of hell. But the best part is that thanks to its modular design, the One can be customized to fit any sized rider. You can buy them for $78,000 and $115,000 respectively, with the Founder’s Edition including advance delivery and a suite of other special touches.

Purchase: $78,000+