Curtiss Takes Aim At Harley With This Ultralight Electric Motorcycle

Formerly Confederate Motorcycles, Curtiss has solidified themselves as a name to watch in the electric motorcycle space with a superb lineup of impressive, unique bikes. And while big-name brands are scrambling to keep up the pace, Curtiss has shown that not only are they not afraid, but they can do everything the bigger marques are doing, but better.

Their latest project is a direct jab at Harley-Davidson and their new LiveWire bike. This new offering — called ‘Psyche’ after the Greek goddess of the soul and wife of Cupid — is comparable to the LiveWire in many ways and better than it in just as many. For instance, this bike is said to have a horsepower rating as high as 96mph — just 9 ponies shy of Harley’s bike. And while that might sound worse, it makes up more than the difference in weight; Harley’s bike weighs a whopping 549-pounds to Curtiss’ 375. Furthermore, the Psyche has a range of 160 (up from Harley’s 95), has a longer wheelbase for better stability, and (frankly) looks better. It’s still in the conceptual stages for now, but Curtiss does have plans to build this beautiful bike with an MSRP of $30,000 and a February 2021 release date.

Purchase: $30,000