Curtiss Hera All-Electric Motorcycle

Formerly Confederate, Curtiss Motorcycles has emerged like a phoenix from the ashes — unveiling a new brand path with a focus on emerging and sustainable technologies. And while their first all-electric release, the Zeus, was certainly impressive, their next project is a new flagship, called Hera (wife of Zeus), that promises to be one of the best, most technologically advanced e-motorcycles ever built.

With a design inspired by a land speed record-setting bike ridden by none other than the brand’s namesake, Glenn Curtiss, this bike is set to be just as revolutionary, if not more. The reason for this is the power plant the brand is developing — what they’re calling the world’s first “V8 battery” mated to an E-twin motor. There’s no information on the actual performance specs, but we expect this proprietary tech to be pretty impressive, considering that the bike isn’t even set to be finished until 2020 and they’re already bragging about it. Whatever the case, Hera is a gorgeous look into the future of one of our favorite boutique bike makers.

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