CURA Is a Device That Lends a Helping Hand in Keeping Your Plants Healthy

The stress of forgetting to water your plants weighs heavy on enough people to the point where joking about it has become played out. Still, it’d be great if there were some type of gadget that could do all the work of caring for those finicky pieces of living decor all by itself. Luckily enough, that product has arrived for smart home-adoring amateur horticulturists. The CURA is a 360-degree plant caring device that makes use of some incredible tech.

Thanks to its unique array of multi-spectrum LED lights, the CURA allows you to expand your indoor garden with your choice of plants year-round with no need to worry about a lack of natural light. Plus, it even saves you some time as it waters the plants for you, too, by way of its high-precision pump that you can schedule with the device’s accompanying app. Rounding out the device is an ambient RGB lighting system to make your home garden even easier on the eyes, with hues you can also adjust from your smartphone or preferred virtual assistant.

The unique device comes available in three particular models: the 200, 300, and 400. Starting in order, the 200 is befittingly the trio’s smallest, standing 8” high and ideal for small herb gardens. Next, the 300 stands precisely 1′ high and can be used for a wider variety of plants. Lastly, standing head and shoulders above the rest, the 16” CURA 400 is tailored toward keeping the largest of floor plants alive and well.

Having surpassed its Kickstarter goal by well over $100,000, any CURA model you pick up is bound to provide a green thumb to your humble abode. Starting from a $59 pledge for the 200, expect the innovative system to arrive this December.

Kickstarter: $59+

Photo: CURA
Photo: CURA