CUDA Underwater Jetpack

If you’re looking for a new lake toy to propel your adventures this summer, look no further than the CUDA Underwater Jetback. Built to imbue its user with the underwater agility of Aquaman (or Mermaid Man), the CUDA Underwater Jetpack is incredibly fun to play with – and if nautical nonsense isn’t your wish – it’s an excellent way to snorkel and explore the waters.

Designed by student Archie O’Brien, the Jet Pack allows users to glide through water weightlessly. Wanting to improve upon the unwieldy, often quite heavy underwater propulsion devices on the market today, O’Brien designed the CUDA with aqua-dynamic properties. Using 3D printing, O’Brien manufactured the CUDA to be incredibly light and compact, so that you’ll encounter as little water resistance as possible wearing the CUDA. Built with rechargeable batteries, the CUDA moves through a flow system, in which water enters an upper valve intake and is pushed through stator fins, which reduce radial flow and allow you to go faster and navigate with ease. Smart tech infused in the CUDA warns users when their battery gets too low to return to their base and charge back up. O’Brien plans to add more tech and refine the CUDA before he brings it to market, a time which we await with much anticipation.

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