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Cube 3D Home PrinterThe design team at 3D Systems is back again as they prep the sequel to their first 3D printer, and introduce the latest Cube 3D Home Printer.

3D printers have become all the rage over the last few months, so you can expect companies to allocate plenty of resources to developing a practical 3D home printing device. The problem thus far has been making these things at an affordable price, but things are definitely looking better with the Cube.  The concept is simple. The lightweight, 8.5 pounds, printer will allow you to print literally anything you want with the help of print software of course. As we previously mentioned, the price point is still creeping closer, but still no cigar. The Cube 3D Printer will set you back about $1,300 if you pre-order now from their online store. See this bad boy in action below.

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