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Crystal Head’s Onyx Vodka Was Distilled From Single-Farm Mexican Agave

Founded in 2007 by actor Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander, Crystal Head Vodka was intended to be an additive-free option in a spirits market pumped full of glycerol, citrus oils, and sugar. Borne out of the pair’s fascination with the legend of the 13 crystal skulls, each bottle features a distinctive glass skull design. With each release, Crystal Head pairs a top-notch vodka variety with an eye-catching bottle. Their latest batch keeps with the trend, albeit with an interesting spin.

Where most vodkas are made using fermented grains, Crystal Head took a different approach with “Onyx”. Crafted from Blue Weber Agave and sourced from a single Mexican farm, this black skull-bottled spirit is the first-ever commercial vodka to be distilled with agave. As such, it drinks as smooth as any vodka, but tastes more like tequila, with an unmistakably earthy quality and a touch of syrupy sweetness. Finished off with green grass, pepper, and citrus, this refreshing vodka makes for an excellent cocktail component. As with all Crystal Head releases, Onyx is blended with the purest water from Newfoundland, Canada, and filtered through over 10,000 Herkimer diamonds. Available at select retailers, each 750ml bottle costs $55.

Purchase: $55