GM & Honda Team Up On An Autonomous All-Electric Urban Transport

Much to the dismay of motorsport enthusiasts, autonomous cars are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s transportation landscape, and with the massive influx in popularity of Uber-style ride-sharing services, it only seems logical that these two concepts be brought together in the form of driverless ride-sharing vehicles, the latest of which to be revealed is the Origin, from autonomous vehicle firm, Cruise.

Stemming from a collaborative effort between Cruise, Honda, and GM, the Origin was designed as a new vehicle from the ground-up to be the ideal autonomous ride-sharing vessel, rather than modifying an existing automotive-offering for the purpose. This lead to the Origin’s inward-facing seats, a sliding door that’s three times larger than normal car doors, and a lack of steering wheel or controls. Hailed via an app, the vehicle utilizes a bevy of sensors and lidars to safely navigate congested urban areas. By eliminating the driver, the Origin removes human error from the equation — a move that will not only save companies and commuters money but will also reduce the almost 1.25M people killed in crashes each year. And with an estimated lifespan of over 1,000,000-miles — half-a-dozen-times that of your standard electric car — the Origin is extremely environmentally friendly.
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