Cruger Coin Rings

Remember those limited edition quarters that the U.S. Mint released in the early aughts? Each state got a quarter with a unique design that corresponded to their founding story and state identity. Now, nearly a decade later the folks at Cruger Coins have turned these quarters into something you can wear.

The family owned and Florida-based business can cut and bend each ring to your unique finger size. You can get a Florida, California, Texas, or New York ring – all Expertly made in-house by Kyle Cruger. Each ring prominently shows the state name and the year it was founded – while on the reverse side the year the coin was minted is shown above the phrase “E Pluribus Unum”. Grab one for yourself for just $35. [Purchase]

Cruger Coin Rings 01

Cruger Coin Rings 2

Cruger Coin Rings 3