Crua Unleashes An Easily-Expandable Lightweight All-In-One 4-Season Tent

For all of its romanticism, camping is ultimately about compromise. This should come as no shock to anyone versed in outdoor adventure — after all, it was you who chose to leave the comforts of modern convenience behind in favor of a time well-spent in the woods. In any case, the success of a camping trip ultimately rests upon one’s ability to adapt and overcome.

Ever the innovator of the camping world, Crua Outdoors is at it again with their newest model, the XTENT. Where other tents lock you into one configuration, the XTENT allows for an extendable height. The most obvious benefit of the design is some increased headroom, not only for taller campers but also for indoor changing. But that’s not all — Crua claims that the XTENT’s adjustable height makes it the perfect four-season portable shelter. During the warmer months, simply raise the XTENT for added ventilation; when things get cooler, drop the canopy for improved heat retention. In addition, the included inflatable Cocoon V2 acts as an inner tent, providing both interior climate control and sound-dampening, all in a package that takes less than two minutes for setup. Pre-order today for $249 with January delivery.

Kickstarter: $249+