Crua Outdoors Hybrid Hammock Tent

Whether you’re headed into the wilderness for a quick weekend getaway or something a bit longer, it can be difficult to predict your sleeping conditions. On occasion, a dry campsite can turn into a soggy mess without warning. With most tents, that unfortunate circumstance can’t be helped. But with the Crua Outdoors Hybrid, you can easily lift yourself right up off the ground.

Equal parts one-man bivy tent and covered hammock, this outdoor shelter has got you covered whether you’re keen on sleeping on the ground or up in the air. But that’s only the beginning of what makes the Crua Hybrid special, as it also comes with a self-inflating mattress pad and a matching sleeping bag. Constructed from super durable and lightweight water-repellant ripstop nylon, this hybrid hammock also includes a rainfly for inclement weather, dual vents to cut down on condensation, and even built-in mosquito netting. Get one for yourself starting at $299.

Purchase: $299+